Re-Loving Old Furniture

Today I'd like to tell you about the desk in Nina's room. That desk has seen many lives. I got it (free!) from a friend of my mom's when I moved into my first apartment as a single girl. It was originally a honey-colored wood and I painted it white, even before I understood the utter magic of painting things white! And here is the desk in my Colorado guest room a few years ago. It's on the right side of the photo if you look close.

Fast Forward: Then my dad came out to visit us in Colorado in August of 2010. I coerced him into doing projects in my garage all day. And by the way, I think I know from where I inherited this "project" gene; he secretly (or not so secretly) loved it. Can you tell?

Anyway, my dad did some work on the desk to make it more stable on the bottom, and I took the opportunity to re-sand the piece. Here it is in Nina's new room today:

I changed out the knobs too. It's always amazing to me what a little change like that can make to a whole piece! (The new knobs are from Hobby Lobby.) I also added some scrapbook paper as drawer liner, with a little Mod Podge to help glue it down and seal it:

I also roughed up the drawer edges with sandpaper a little more. I love the effect!

Not bad for a freebie from ten years ago!

Do you have a piece of furniture sitting around that you could "upgrade"? Before we all head out to the malls, or even to the Goodwill, it's even easier to wander downstairs to the basement or out to the garage. I still have a few pieces that I'd like to paint or update, right here in my own house, without spending a dime!

I'll be back with more next week. Have a great December weekend!


Estela @ Weekly Bite said...

What a great makeover! It inspires me to do something with my old desk :)

Tricia said...

I love your desk makeover and it looks perfect in your daughter's sweet room. You have such a great way of finding just the right details for the spaces in your home. Thank you for sharing!

German said...
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joyce said...

Dear Carrie, Yes, it is incredible what we can do with what we already have or can pick up at a real,real bargan. That is what is so great about your blog for instance, to show what a person can do. I still can't believe what you did to your coffee table when you took the sides off and painted the legs white. That idea was incredible,genius in fact. Your dad is soooo cute, and yes, you can tell he is lovin it. Hugs, Joyce

CRICKET said...

So glad you are back, I had to scroll through your posts. I grew up in Lamorinda (Lafayette-Moraga-Orinda). You will be so happy with the schools. My daughters room had a twin bed and a crib which is about all it would hold. Finally gave a way the crib and was left with a very bare room. It was amazing how I could steal a few things from other rooms and make her's cozy - $0 spent.
p.s. my two favorite pieces in the house came from antiquing in Petaluma - go check it out when you have time.

Shilo said...

I have that same quilt from PB! Only next time we are in the US, I'm hoping to get something a bit more practical for where we live, with less white! :) But it is so cheery!
The desk looks fantastic! As usual!