The Wall-O-Photos

Some of you asked to see the photo wall on the staircase landing. I must say, I have loved walking by it every day. Unlike my old photo wall, this time I branched out to include things other than just photos. I have a silhouette of my husband as a little boy, a framed poem written by my great-grandmother, random stars and mirrors and clocks, and a big letter G for our last name. I also included black accents as well as gold. I like the mixture!

For all of you who hate the angled photos, I am sorry. It's hard to get a good photo pointing up the stairs.

Basically I just started in the middle of the wall with that big mirror, and worked my way out. I didn't worry too much about everything being perfectly spaced, because I don't have that kind of patience! But I am thrilled with how it turned out.

And now, a small announcement: I am taking a break from the blog. I'm not sure for how long, I'm thinking a month or so. We've got some stuff going on that I will share with you eventually, but now I just need to deal with it. I am OK, we are OK, but my attention needs to be elsewhere.

But please don't forget about me, because I will be back!


Welcome to Henry's New Room!

Here's another example of how thankful a girl can be when her rental house has great paint colors already on the walls.

Henry's room faces the front of the house, and it's got these sloped ceilings that make it extra-cozy. It was already painted a warm brownish-gray, which looks great with his furniture.

The hardwood floors in here are so pretty. And his buffalo check curtains (from Pottery Barn Kids) look right at home!

I picked up that red lantern (hanging from a simple hook in the ceiling) at a Goodwill store back in Denver. We just ran the wire down the corner of the room, and it blends in with the paint color!

I love this little reading nook, where we read Henry's bedtime story every night.

It's a perfectly cozy room for a perfectly sweet little guy!


Living Room Love

I've been away for a little unplanned break. Working to finish the house, get settled, and more importantly, take time to engage in life here with my family. We've been exploring and enjoying the city, and a few weeks' time has helped to make me feel a little less like a foreigner. The kids and I even have a few play dates set up! So we're surviving.

I thought I might show you my new family room and den. Come on in! This first photo is taken from the doorway, which is to the right of the front door as you enter the house. (Oh, and also? You better believe I am counting the days until fall temperatures arrive and that fireplace gets some action!)

Now here I am taking a photo while standing on the couch, to give you another angle. I could not be more excited about those built-in bookshelves. I swear I would live in a pup tent if someone would build me built-ins in there.

I am standing in the corner by the bookshelves for this next photo. The room beyond the living room is being used as my den. Love that.

Here's a bit closer up of the den. Don't you just love the ceilings in this house?

The den again. Ahhh...lovely sight. This is the first time this grown-up has had a desk of her own in the house. Before I just had stacks of papers on the edge of the kitchen counter. I feel rather spoiled.

It's a great house to cozy up in. My kiddos seem to agree with me!


New Uses for My Old Stuff

My favorite thing about moving to a new house is the way that you get to re-think how you use your stuff. For example, this chandelier hung in my master bathroom in our Colorado house. It was a huge bathroom, so it worked really well in there.

In our new house, I decided to use it outside. I love how it makes the deck feel more room-like, and gives it more dimension.

Of course, anything would look good when set against this amazing view!

We sat out there the other night at sunset, and the candles hanging above us added such a nice ambiance!
Want to come over for dinner?