Waiting for the Right Piece

Hey everyone! A fun little story for you if you are in the no-man's-land of scouring Craig's List and antique fairs for "just the right thing" to finish your project.

Our kitchen was complete, except for one small part. We hadn't found a countertop for the main island. We knew we wanted butcher block. We had a standard one from Ikea that was just OK. It wasn't quite large enough (we bought it for another project), and as you can see from the photo below, the overhang didn't completely cover the drawers. It looked like our island had put on a pair of pants that were one size too small!

I kept saying that if we were willing to be patient, we would eventually find exactly what we were looking for! Brent kept telling me my expectations were too high. (He's usually right.) I wanted something with some age and character, not a new piece. I wanted to know it's story, and of course I didn't want to spend a fortune. No big deal, right?

A few months ago, we were off for a 24 hour getaway for my birthday, in nearby Adams County, Ohio. We happened to drive by this handwritten sign on a quiet country road that said "Antiques" with an arrow pointing to a farm. OK, why not, right? We didn't have any of our kids with us! We pulled in to discover a retired farmer with a barn FULL of cool old stuff. Of course we asked him if he had any butcher block that would be big enough for our project, fully expecting the usual No, Sorry. But he led us over to this:

It was 12 feet long. It was beautiful. It was old. It had all these cool markings on it. It used to be in a nearby butcher shop, so yeah, it definitely had a story. It was $125!

I had to clamp my mouth shut so I didn't squeal.

A few months later, and that countertop is now living in our kitchen! We cut it to fit the length and width we needed (um, easier said than done, as usual, very thankful for my handy husband!). Then we just gave it a light sanding to knock the grime off without losing the many markings and etchings.

Since we don't plan on cutting food directly on the surface, I felt fine about using a standard polyurethane to seal the wood. (If you plan to cut directly on it, you should use a food safe finish of some kind.) I chose a satin finish because that's what was available in my store, but if I could have chosen a matte I would have. I really didn't want it to look shiny. It's a humble workhorse and I think it's beautiful in it's most natural state.

One of the best parts (in addition to fitting my kitchen island's size perfectly!) is how thick it is. Standard kitchen countertops are 1 1/4 inches thick, but this piece is a full 2 inches! It just has so much presence in our kitchen!

So now, there you go, you thought you were finally done hearing all about my kitchen remodel, and then, nope! I'm like that person at a party you can't get away from.  :)

Thank you for humoring me, friends! I thought you might enjoy this story because I know many of us are "on the hunt" for something specific for a house project, and that can take time. We looked for over a year before finding this piece. SO worth the wait, and I am glad we didn't give up due to my usual impatience with unfinished projects!  

Can anyone else relate?


The Kitchen is Complete!

Hello everyone!  I am so sorry to disappear on you for five months!  But I am finally back with some photos to wrap up our kitchen renovation.  Work has been slow with three small kids and the "usual" hectic life, but we are mostly done. Yay!

Today is a rather overcast day, so the lighting was tricky, but I didn't want to wait another day when I actually had time today!  So here you go:

You might remember that we had a two phase project going on here.  The sink side was done first, and then we waited awhile to save up for the pantry side, as well as the kitchen island.  Here's a slightly different angle.

The floor to ceiling pantry has been SO great!  Having a two year old in the house was not conducive to the metal gorilla racks we had here temporarily.  They served a purpose, but I am glad to have them gone!  Now all our business is tucked away out of sight.  :)

Again, so sorry about the lighting!  But here you can see my little open shelving area.  I wanted some shelving, but not too much since I knew how badly we needed pantry space on that wall.  I love having my cookbooks within reach again, and the little marble counter, though only 48 inches x 18 inches, is a workhorse!

We usually have kids' school papers and mail piles on this counter, but when we entertain (or when I take pictures for my blog!), we clear it off and use it as a bar/drinks station.  I like how it isn't in the main cooking zone, so people can help themselves without worrying they're in the way.

We also added this little baking table down at the other end of the kitchen.  Because the overall kitchen space was so long (we knocked down the wall between old kitchen and dining room), I didn't want one gigantic island because that would have been so L-O-N-G.  Like landing strip long.  So instead we have two smaller ones.  The main island where I do most of the cooking is topped with butcher block, but this little one is marble because I wanted to have somewhere to roll out cookies with the kids.  Cute little bar stools fit under there perfectly!

Another thing I wanted to add in some way was some natural brick.  We hunted all over the kitchen and could only come up with this one little spot where it made sense.  I thought it would soften the look of the metal back splash.

We have had a lot of people ask us if we just exposed the original brick to the home (I WISH!) so I take that as a compliment.  The brick is actually reclaimed thin brick veneer from a company in Connecticut (here's the link if you're interested!).  It was really reasonably priced for such a small square footage; in fact, the cost of shipping was more than the cost of the bricks themselves!  But I love how it turned out.  And the company was great to work with.

One little part of Phase I that I don't think (?) I showed you is what we refer to as the "Big Boy."  I don't know, the name just stuck when my husband was labeling things.  It's down at the far end of the kitchen and it is kind of a combination hutch + appliance garage.

Check out how much storage I get out of this!  I just love it.  My favorite part is that I have outlets for all my most-used appliances now, so no more lugging and reconfiguring every time I want to toast some bread or use my electric mixer.  The permanent coffee station helps too. :)

So there you have it!  We are mostly done.  I say mostly because we're still on the hunt for the perfect butcher block for the top of the main kitchen island.  The island is just big enough that nothing "standard" will work; you can see in the photo below, it needs to be a few inches wider to overhang the base cabinets.

Plus, I have my heart set on finding some old, beat up but solid piece of countertop from some country store somewhere.  (I know.)  So that means it has to be right place + right time + right price = meant to be in Carrie's kitchen.  :)

We also have some trim work and caulking to complete.  We finally caved and hired someone to install the crown molding around the cabinets (see photo below) but now it's just all those little un-glamorous things left that we actually have to do.  Maybe on a rainy day!

And another reason for the delay in our productivity has been this little guy.  Meet Hamish!  (pronounced Hame-ish, Scottish name in honor of my roots!)  He's 12 weeks old and is a Newfoundland + Poodle mix.  Gonna be a big boy!  But we love him and he's been a lot of fun for the kids, and for us too!

So there you have it!  The never-ending kitchen remodel is slowly coming to a close.  Thank you so much for going on the ride with me!  :)


Blue and White Chinoiserie Lamp DIY

I really think you all might lose your minds over my latest discovery.  Or at least, I did.  But wait, wait, let me backtrack...

As I've mentioned before, I (along with everyone else in the design world, it seems!) am in LOVE with the blue and white thing happening.  I've been slowly collecting vases and plates and platters of all kinds, mostly from antique shops, Goodwill (if I'm lucky), and some online auction sites like Everything But the House.  My hunting has taught me that the name for many of these pieces is Chinoiserie.

It also seems to me that as soon as you attach the word Chinoiserie (pronounced chi-noi-ser-ie) to anything, it automatically quadruples in price!  Which is why my collecting has been very slow and strategic.  I can't be giving my husband ulcers over this stuff.  :)

For awhile now I've been searching for a small Chinoiserie lamp to fit a quirky spot in our house.  Until I find the perfect one, I've been using a rather ugly little lamp that just irritates me every time I look at it.  Does that ever happen to you?  It's the perfect size and scale for the space but the more I stare at it, the uglier it gets! Here it is (sorry so blurry but you get the idea):

Then, suddenly...inspiration!  While I'm waiting for the perfect antique yet inexpensive Chinoiserie blue and white lamp to fall into my lap (that happens, right?), why not use a few old and faithful friends to spruce up my existing lamp?

Mod Podge.

Scrapbook paper.


Are you with me?

So first I needed some scrapbook paper or gift wrap in a classic blue and white pattern.  Easy, right? I trekked all over town and all over the internet.  Nothing.  Seriously, I just needed a few sheets of this stuff and I figured the design trend was so hot right now, it'd be a cinch!  Nope.

Finally, I stumbled upon this adorable Chinoiserie pumpkin done by Susan from Between Naps on the Porch.

She made this cutie herself after seeing something similar in Country Living and wrote a fabulous tutorial here.  And you know where she got her scrapbook paper?  A photocopier.  Seriously!

So here's the part that is just blowing my mind with the possibilities: a good color copier can print any pattern you want (assuming you're not pirating it of course).  Just take yourself to Kinkos or FedEx or wherever, bring an inspiration piece to be copied, like a flat piece of fabric, pages from a book, or (in my case), email them a PDF of a design you like.  Then here's the key: have them make a color photocopy using a digital laser printer (not ink jet, which I think is what most of us have in our basements!).  A laser printer will make sure that the pretty colors on your paper won't run when you start working with the Mod Podge.  Also, I found that a slightly heavier weight paper was more like the weight of scrapbook paper and was great to work with (my FedEx Office guy called it 32 lb. weight).

I was able to find some beautiful digital scrapbook paper from a shop on Etsy (link here if you'd like it for yourself!), and for less than $5 I got an instant download of six .jpg files.  Six gorgeous Chinoiserie prints to choose from!  I converted them to PDFs (although I think it would have been just as easy to print as .jpgs), emailed them to my local shop, hustled myself over to pick them up and within 20 minutes I had these in my hot little hands:

So now back to my lamp.

First I gave it a quick coat of paint so nothing would bleed through.  White paint over the parts to be covered with the paper.  Gold paint for the parts where I was going to put Rub-n-Buff.

Next I applied the Rub-n-Buff (in Grecian Gold) and cut my scrapbook paper to fit.  I glued it on with a few layers of Mod Podge (under the paper and two layers on top).  Then...patience while the whole thing dried.

Hello lovely!

Let me zoom in just a bit.

Even I, the Queen of Mod Podge, am surprised at how well this turned out!  I hoped for something that would just look better than it did before (not hard to do).  But I really think I'd be drawn to this lamp if I saw it in a shop today, not just because I rescued it from ugly!

Even getting up very close, the colors are crisp and clean.  No bleeding at all.  I'm telling you.  Laser printer.  A revelation.

Who am I kidding?  This discovery doesn't mark the end of my Chinoiserie hunt.  The thrill of the chase, right? Ha!  But it's a fun and inexpensive way to copy a look that I know many of us love.

Have a great weekend!


Fall Prettiness

I've been having fun with fall decorations lately and thought I'd invite you in for a tour!  

Please be advised that my house was not clean during this photo shoot.  I just moved the toys out of the way where you can't see them.  :)

Starting with the front porch...

And my fall garland, which I wrote a tutorial about last year.

Come on in!

Our dining room table, filled with pretty (and fake!) fall stuff.

Can someone tell me how to do those fancy chalk letters I'm seeing everywhere?

A little pumpkin towel (which I had to spot-clean before it was ready for it's photo shoot!).

This is just to show you that we finished the backsplash in the kitchen!  (and no more fire hazards)

I love the look of pewter with fall berries.

Can you see my blue plates hanging in the background?  I was scared they'd be too cramped in that space, but so far I love them!

 The mantle, with more blue and white, because I can't bear to put it away, even for just a season!

Fresh flowers and my sweet kids' Halloween books.  Pulling out the seasonal books is their favorite part of decorating the house for holidays!

More pewter.  This one I found at Goodwill!  I think it was so tarnished that no one knew what it was.   I took a chance, and once I shined it up, it looked great!

Three little pumpkins.  I found this charming print at one of my new favorite online art shops, here. (On eBay!)

Another one of my kids' favorites.  Our Halloween advent calendar, which morphed from this one that I made years ago.

And because this is a fall post, I have to share a few adorable photos from our recent small town Homecoming parade.  Nina dancing to the marching band...

...and Henry looking cute after walking in the parade with his flag football team.  (I promise little Vivian was being cute too, just moving too fast I couldn't get a good photo of her quick little two-year-old buns.)

Happy Fall y'all!


Finally, A Kitchen Update!

Thank you all for your patience as I gear myself up to give you a kitchen update!  (Or are you all just so scared it's going to be another picture of the plumbing in my walls?  Ha!  Believe me when I say I hope we never have to speak of them again.)

So, because it helps me when I feel like our remodel is C-R-E-E-P-I-N-G along, I will go back to a photo of the old kitchen before we moved in.

And here is where we are today!  Most of you who have been here with me know that we ripped out that wall between the old kitchen and dining room.  And when I say we, most of you also know that I mean my husband.  :)

So the perfectionist in me really wants to wait until all the details are done before I show you an update.  Even when people come over and see it in person, my knee-jerk reaction is to start yelping But wait!  Someday we'll have a pretty planked farmhouse backsplash!  We're covering all those wires up with crown molding, I swear!  And I really meant to finish sanding that bit of drywall.  But I told you a few months ago that things were going to be a little more real up in here.  So I present to you the other side of my kitchen:

I don't think I've ever mentioned on here that I am married to Dave Ramsey.  Well, not really Dave Ramsey, but someone equally committed to not going into debt and paying out of pocket whenever possible.  I say that with some wifely sarcasm, but in all honesty I love that Brent is such a financial planner and he takes great care of our family.  However, in matters of a major kitchen remodel, this manifests itself in the following way: Carrie wants kitchen done now.  Brent wants to save up for kitchen and complete it in phases as money becomes available.  

As you might have guessed, the phased plan wins!  So we have finished cabinetry on one side of the kitchen and the other side is patiently waiting for a pantry and some open shelving for cute dish displays.  :)  In the meantime, you would not believe how much stuff you can fit on those gorilla racks!

Phase I of the remodel still gives me so much to celebrate!  I am obsessed, for example, with these brass knobs.

And I spend a bizarre amount of time contemplating how cute this vintage brass rod looks on my antique butcher block.

But to keep it real, I will now show you my open electrical box and tape on the walls.

I will show you my favorite cow painting, which I hung on the side of the cabinet next to my kitchen sink window.

And then I will back up a little bit and show you more exposed electrical and unfinished drywall behind the sink.

Pretty bin pulls on my drawers.  My dream stove. (Still quite frightened of it, to be honest, but we are becoming friends!)

And more exposed wiring that eventually will be hidden by molding.

But somewhere cute to put my grocery sign, which I made years ago just hoping it would find a home like this!

We've definitely asked ourselves if we did the right thing by taking on this huge project!  It's been a challenge to live in the mess instead of finishing it all right now.  But it helps to look back and celebrate how far we've come since Mother's Day weekend when Brent turned to me and said "I think I'm going to rip that wall out today."  (By the way, that was one of the awesomest things he's ever said to me.)

Beauty with imperfections...kind of like all of us, right?  Thank you for going on the ride with me!