Fall Prettiness

I've been having fun with fall decorations lately and thought I'd invite you in for a tour!  

Please be advised that my house was not clean during this photo shoot.  I just moved the toys out of the way where you can't see them.  :)

Starting with the front porch...

And my fall garland, which I wrote a tutorial about last year.

Come on in!

Our dining room table, filled with pretty (and fake!) fall stuff.

Can someone tell me how to do those fancy chalk letters I'm seeing everywhere?

A little pumpkin towel (which I had to spot-clean before it was ready for it's photo shoot!).

This is just to show you that we finished the backsplash in the kitchen!  (and no more fire hazards)

I love the look of pewter with fall berries.

Can you see my blue plates hanging in the background?  I was scared they'd be too cramped in that space, but so far I love them!

 The mantle, with more blue and white, because I can't bear to put it away, even for just a season!

Fresh flowers and my sweet kids' Halloween books.  Pulling out the seasonal books is their favorite part of decorating the house for holidays!

More pewter.  This one I found at Goodwill!  I think it was so tarnished that no one knew what it was.   I took a chance, and once I shined it up, it looked great!

Three little pumpkins.  I found this charming print at one of my new favorite online art shops, here. (On eBay!)

Another one of my kids' favorites.  Our Halloween advent calendar, which morphed from this one that I made years ago.

And because this is a fall post, I have to share a few adorable photos from our recent small town Homecoming parade.  Nina dancing to the marching band...

...and Henry looking cute after walking in the parade with his flag football team.  (I promise little Vivian was being cute too, just moving too fast I couldn't get a good photo of her quick little two-year-old buns.)

Happy Fall y'all!


Stacey said...

Everything looks so pretty, Carrie! I just can't get over how fast your kids are growing. When you read somebody's blog time flies and kids grow. ;)

Kimberly said...

It's all very lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Thank you sweet friends! :)

Jboo said...

So pretty -- I always love seeing your decorating ideas -- you do have the special touch! :) Your kids -- wow -- they have grown so much! Adorable as always!

www.rush-my-essay.com.au said...

If you don't call this clean, I wonder how clean your house looks when you actually clean it. :D By the way, really nice place you have kept