Procrastination Via Topiary

Why is it that, faced with the overwhelming task of moving my family to San Francisco, I start doing little projects around the house? For a couple of weeks over the summer, I was fanatical about getting piddley stuff done instead of the obvious jobs of packing, organizing and moving. Oh, well.

Here's an example of what I am talking about. I love the little greenery ball in this inspiration photo. Can't remember where I saw it, though.

I got some fake greenery from Hobby Lobby, as well as a foam ball. I already had the base, also originally from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

I cut the greenery into manageable pieces, and then spent some time sticking each piece into the foam. No glue gun, just lots of poking.

Eventually I ended up with a slightly fuller topiary than my inspiration photo, but still...not bad!

So, next time you should be packing for a cross-country move, try this instead.

Maybe it'll look really cute in your new house!


Colleen said...

Nice job. I have wanted to try one of these but have been afraid at how it would turn out!

Screaming Meme said...

I have been wanting to make one of these sweet things too...:) I am hoping that your move is going well and you have accounted for all of the family members...lol We once drove off with out a dog at a national park...sad but true...lol Hugs, Meme

Jboo said...

Good job! I've wanted one of those topiary thingys forever -- now I know how to make one. Will be adding it to my list of things I will do someday! :)


Connie said...

Actually, I love the fuller look better, chickee. You will LOOOOVE living in or near San Francisco. That's where our daughter is and that's more home than anywhere else outside of Idaho where we moved to several years ago to retire. Good luck, sweetpea!

northern cottage said...

very cute indeed. and a nice diversion from the dreaded packing. I completely understand....moved twice in two years! ugh. This is a project that I have on my to do list for this fall too! (looking for some cheapo greenery and a little bit of extra time!) Happy packing

Andrea said...

I love the topiary. I've been busy making them too! I also should be prepping my house for putting it on the market, but instead I am doing little projects. I figure that it all goes to help with the overall look of our home anyways =P

Belle said...

It would make a beautiful Xmas gift. I'll have to make one.

Happiness Is... said...

I think it's always easier to procrastinate than to do something like packing which is bo-ring (says the girl who just moved and found every excuse not to pack!)

Anonymous said...

Packing is overwhelming and doing something crafty/decorating (when you love it)fills its place to try to give you something you can control. Unpacking on the other hand will start off really good but then you will do the same thing, stopping here and there to decorate an area or make somthing for it. Crazy how the brain works!
Good luck.