I am constantly tearing pages out of all kinds of magazines, then stashing them in books for inspiration. You just never know where the next idea will come from! Here's one that popped up in a recent Pottery Barn Kids catalog. It's a shadowbox with a little baby onesie perched inside.

With that as inspiration, I remembered a baseball jersey we had tucked away with Nina's name embroidered on it. Sadly, it's too small now, but I can remember receiving it when she was a baby and thinking "There's no way that will ever fit her!"

So I bought a shadowbox at Hobby Lobby. I added some hooks on the back so I could affix a grosgrain ribbon. I had a piece of scrapbook paper that made a perfect backdrop. And then it was just a matter of folding and pinning the jersey in place.

How cute is that?

I was always afraid of shadowboxes for some reason, but they're quite forgiving and easy to work with. I encourage you to give them a try if you've got an odd-shaped something-or-other that you'd like to save. It's a great way to get things out of the boxes in the basement and up on your walls!


Screaming Meme said...

So sweet and you'll be able to treasure it for a lifetime...How are you doing? I hope the move is going smotthly..Hugs, Meme

The Starr Family said...

Adorable Carrie! Hope you guys are hanging in there! Take Care!

Happiness Is... said...

Love that! Great way to scrapbook on the wall, too! Hope SF is going well!

Auntie D said...

So adorable! Love the idea!!

Connie said...

Very cute! Hope your move is going well and you're getting settled. Now I can't think of you when I go to Denver next time. :)