Loose Ends on a Lamp

Hey girls! How was your weekend? My husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary with a night out on the town...gotta say, it was pretty great! How about you?

Just had a bit more to share about this old lamp of mine. Are you sick of hearing about it yet? See, I keep walking by it when I go down to the basement, and something's been bothering me.

I love the G, but it seemed a little pale, as if the black paint wasn't dark enough. So I went out and grabbed some fabric painting medium. Just add some of this stuff to regular acrylic paint, and it turns it into fabric paint!

I just went over my G with a fine paintbrush and some of this concoction. Don't know how well the photos show the difference, but I am so much happier with how dark the black is now. It makes it look more professional, rather than something I drew on with a paint marker. (Which is exactly what I did, but whatever. I don't want it to look that way!)

In other news, my dad sent me a few photos from his cabin in the Ohio woods! Turns out he converted an old milk jug, too. This one used to belong to my grandparents, and he painted it and added the star. My dad's an Army veteran and a huge Civil War buff. (And yes, he made that soldier, too. How cool is that?) Oh, and doesn't that photo make you want a cabin in the woods too?

Years ago, my dad also converted this old fire extinguisher into a lamp. I can totally remember sitting on the porch as a kid, reading next to this cool relic. It now sits on my dad's covered front porch and makes a great place to curl up with a book or listen to an Indians game.

It's just a reminder to me to think outside the box with some of these cool pieces that you can find at thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales. I mean, all this stuff would look right at home in a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware catalog if you ask me! But it's got a history much more interesting than being ordered online and shipped to our doorstep. And isn't that what we love?


Jboo said...

Happy Anniversary! It was my and Hubs anniversary too -- but too many years to tell! ;) Love your G and it does look darker and even more beautiful! Have a great week!


Darlene said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you both enjoyed it!

That G is definitely darker and more distinguished now. Very nice. I absolutely LOVE how creative your Dad is with the old stuff. I also love the soldier. I would LOVE to have a cabin in the woods. How NEAT!!!

Loui♥ said...

Hi Carrie..
the G does look so much better darker. and now we see where your creativity began..at home! Your Dad is very talented!!
thanks for sharing the cabin Pics..
warm sandy hugs..

Belinda said...

Happy Anniversary! It is always nice to get out with out kids in tow!

Happiness Is... said...

Happy anniversary! I think I know where you get your crafy, creative side now!

AMY said...

You said it! I love the life old things have lived. My hubs doesn't always understand why the more worn something is, the more I love it! You tie it all together so well.

Ruby Clifton said...

Converting the fire extinguisher into a lamp is surely a smart idea. I too love remodeling the old useless stuff into some beautiful decoration pieces.