Supermarket Hydrangeas

Wish I could tell you that I have hydrangeas in my yard. In fact, I wish I had the guts to show you how pathetic my backyard looks right now! Colorado is not kind to those of us who already have "the black thumb." We rely on sprinkler systems and a lack of hailstorms to keep things green around here. It's not good for people like me.

Anyway, it's lucky that my local supermarket sells flowers. I recently bought a bouquet of three hydrangeas and decided to spread the love throughout my house.

In my kitchen:

My family room:

And our bedroom:

See, this way I can pretend I live on a beautiful country estate where the smell of hydrangeas wafts onto my front porch and through my open French doors. Of course, in this fantasy, my house is clean, my kids sit quietly reading Charles Dickens, my personal chef prepares dinner, and I sit peacefully with my hydrangeas sipping a glass of wine.



Sarah said...

Wait a second; that's my fantasy :) Have a wonderful day and enjoy your blooms!

Anonymous said...

I love hydrangeas too Carrie, but I can't keep anything alive to save my life! In my fantasy, my boys would be getting along gloriously and playing nicely. I would have white couches because they would never get dirty...then I wake up!!


Lisa-Marie said...

Haha, we have the same fantasy! My house is Victorian in the fantasy though.

The Starr Family said...

One can dream....

Our local greenhouse had fabulous vintage blue and lavender hydrangeas blooming. Gorgeous.

KMP said...

That's a great fantasy!!! A woman can dream right??

Momza said...

scoot over! lol
actually, I do the same thing...hyacinths hold me hostage when I walk past them in the floral department of King Soopers.
Oh my goodness...love it!
Hydrangeas do grow in Colorado, but they don't last as long as we'd like, hunh?

Loui said...

I concur..
I too live in a fantasy world ..
like from October through April!
You are so correct, Colorado weather is weird and at times very unkind..like yesterday's hail and lightening storm.. afterwards went outside to check my newly planted Columbines and roses.fortunately they are okay..
when I'm not in my fantasy/dream world in the lush tropics,..
especially in the winter,..
I do have a sanity saver..
City Floral right here in Denver..
they kindly allow me to wander about, with my camera, snapping away at my hearts content..
these visits are medicinal in purpose..
Medicine for my Soul I call them..
and Dr prescribed..
the lush,aromatic and moist air allows me to breathe,and my skin feels fantastic after several hours there.
I'm refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated!.better than a spa.. and it's FREE!
warm hugs and laughing smiles.. Loui♥

Kim said...

They are my favorite flower! I struggle to grow them, so I have some silk ones in my home!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Sounds like a perfect fantasy to me! :) Love hydrangeas, and yours look so beautiful! Enjoy!!

Ashley said...

Your fantasy is the same as mine! I actually blogged about a week ago about my hydrangea that I planted....ITS ONLY LASTED 2 DAYS HA!!! I guess that is what the Arizona sun will do to delicate flowers! I like the idea if buying them from the store and "pretending" they are from our garden! Have a great week :)

Michelle said...

I'm on 17th Ave Pkwy in Park Hill and we have two hydrangea that live against the north side of the house. Since they are literally up against the house they're protected from the hail by the eaves. However, I have no idea if they'll bloom this year so I hit City Floral and bought three indoor hydrangea that I actually move from room to room with me.

Jboo said...

Love hydrangeas too! Mine is growing, but no flowers yet -- keeping fingers crossed!


Shell in your Pocket said...

My personal "chef" is off today-


sandy toe

Beatriz said...

I wish I had an excuse for my black thumb but I don't... Apparently I'm just really good at sucking the life out of plants. So I always buy fresh cut flowers. They're gorgeous, always in bloom, and meant to die!


Heather said...

I want to live there too!! If you find that take me with you! You're house is beautiful - it's so inspiring to see such a beautiful place. You're family is very lucky to have such a wonderful mom / wife who makes such a comfortable and beautiful home to live in.

Darlene said...

I LOVE hydrangeas. I planted two of them last summer....LATE in the summer (gave them PLENTY of water in our HOT area) and prayed they would survive. They did and have grown MUCH bigger and are starting to flower out...YAY!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

Freshly cut flowers inside is one of those great things about summer!

Valley Art Project said...

Fresh flowers are wonderful! It is usually the small things in life that give as the most joy.

prashant said...

They are my favorite flower! I struggle to grow them, so I have some silk ones in my home!
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Anonymous said...

Well dear Carrie I have hydrangeas but I do not live the life style you described. I do know that they need acid to survive and Miracid is the answer. Had to find out the hard way. I agree I love my Kroger flowers when there are none around here. Blessings to you and family.

SalicosFamilyBlog said...

I have lived in The Meadows of Castle Rock for over 6 years now and have enjoyed reading your blog. We are moving to Seattle this Friday and I will log in to your blog whenever I get homesick - thanks for the great posts!!