Rocking Chair Re-Do!

Last fall I was driving home and just "happened" by this garage sale in my neighborhood. These people had just moved to Colorado from North Carolina, and felt like unloading a few of their porch rocking chairs. I got two of them, at $5 a piece. Score!

Of course, one of the main reasons they didn't want the rockers was because the woman's husband, in a fit of romanticism, decided that he wanted a blue rocking chair, a la Kenny Chesney's "Old Blue Chair." Out came the spray paint, but it didn't go so well. A few weeks later, the (kind-of blue) chairs became mine. I just took a sander to them, followed by some stain and sealer. Below, you can see what a difference it made!

I used Cabot's Australian Timber Oil in Jarrah Brown (found at Lowe's). It's specifically designed for decks and outdoor furniture, and it is great for color and also for sealing the wood so that it's somewhat impervious to rain. We used it last year on our Adirondack chairs and, though they needed a little freshening up at the beginning of this season, it was totally worth the money.
Here you can see the seating area on my deck, all ready for summer get-togethers!

Stay tuned for Friday, when I'll tell you all about how I made those outdoor pillows on the cheap!


nateandkatesmom said...

Your sitting area on your deck looks like a great spot to relax. And from what I can see, you have a lovely view too! The chairs turned out great!

Kelli said...

Your back area looks so beautiful and comforting. I love the little Adirondack chair! And that was absolutely a score on the rockers.

Jboo said...

Nice rockers! Thanks for the tip -- I have an outdoor bench that needs a little refreshing!


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Your porch looks so relaxing and refreshing!

Tasha said...

Fabulous! I love rocking chairs. There is just something peaceful about sitting and rocking in a rocking chair. Love love love your deck. That all looks peaceful to me!

Carmen said...

It looks like you have a fantastic view. I would love to have a porch area like this! It looks so relaxing.

a very blessed lady! said...

those rock..ha! ha! I love how you don't just paint everything you actually bring it back to life! GREAT JOB AND DECK! Love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Perfect - these new beauties look like they have always belonged on your deck. :)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Thank you for this tip-just in time for me-I picked up two chairs out of the trash to redo...I am going to get the stain you mentioned!!!
Tomorrow, I am showing how I redid my PB kitchen table... I think YOU would be proud of me....I thought of you- You and I like vinyl words...and they ended up on my table...anywho-
Love your chairs-off to do the same!

Kristen said...

Awesome find and your deck looks summer ready! I am baffled at how bloggers like you get such great deals at yard sales. Here in Utah everything is SO overpriced it's ridiculous!

Ali@Honey and Maple Syrup said...

Those look great!

Courtney said...

Great job with the chairs. What steal!

Anonymous said...

Great job. I just got my grandfather's oak chair back after not knowing where it was for a few years and found it broken. I love rockers. They look great.

Kim Hancock said...

Those turned out perfect!

Amber said...

Your rocking chairs are lovely, but I was distracted by your amazing mountain views! Wow!

Anonymous said...

That is one awesome bargain! Do you remove the outdoor rug when you know rain is in the forecast?

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