Frenchy-French Obsession

So I think I have a really strange attraction to French things.  It's inexplicable, really.  I've been to Paris, once, but should that account for the alarming number of French-inspired things in my house?  I actually lived in Casablanca for a year, but do I have Moroccan things scattered every which way?  No.  I used to be an American history teacher, too, but you won't find a lot of 
Americana in my decorating.  Nope, it's French, and I have not a drop of French blood in me but can say "bonjuor" with the best of them! 

Anyway, below you will see a few examples of this.  The first sign says "laissez les bon temps roulez," which means "let the good times roll!"  I just love that.  I ran out of room towards the end there, so "roulez" is a little squished, but I can live with it.  It hangs above the window above my kitchen sink.  Anything to make washing dishes a little more interesting!

This next one is a little herb pot that I painted (very inexpertly) back when I thought I could keep plants alive.  I had dreams of snipping off little pieces of basil and thyme when I needed them for cooking.  Well, "les herbes" died in record time, but the pot remains and now holds some very cute (and very fake) greenery above my refrigerator!   

This last one is kind of self-explanatory, and ultimately that is why it now lives in a box in my basement.  I thought I would be all cute and have a "la toilette" sign on my powder room door, but the door is always open due to pregnant women (me) and toddlers (Nina) needing to get in there quick!  So who needs a sign when you can actually see la toilette from the hallway?

One thing I will say about painting the letters on signs like this: freehand is really hard if you are not artistic like that (and I am NOT artistic like that).  So I figured out that you can buy paint markers that allow you to smooth out any rough edges on your letters much easier than using a paintbrush.  In the future I will always use the paint markers, because my freehand looks really rough.  Anyway, if you can commiserate with me on this or other strange fixations, let me know!  In the meantime, I'll be the geek with the French-English dictionary and the paint markers!


Megan said...

Prettty. I like the French touches!

Sarah said...

You are very creative! All of those are great conversation starters!

Shannon said...

Hi! Loved looking through your blog. It is so cute! LOVE your laundry room! I love French touches too!

Davene said...

I really like the sign above the kitchen sink...especially the meaning (but I'm really glad you translated it for us because I wouldn't have known what it meant otherwise. Hebrew, I can do. French, no clue). :)

restyled home said...

Just went through all of your posts, and am happy to say I really enjoyed each and every one of them. Your blog design is beautiful, and I will definitely be back to check it out again...especially to see your new addition when he/she arrives!

Thanks for visiting,

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Carrie,
Welcome to blogging! I like your French stuff...I have a bathroom done with a Paris Theme.
Hope you have a great day,

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Carrie, thanks for finally leaving me a note! So nice to meet you too and now I can visit your blog. Welcome to blogging, btw! You'll really enjoy it too, I'm sure.

I looked at all your posts & see that you are into decorating in a big way too. I love how that laundry sign turned out with the N different. Great little twist!

Please come back & see me often!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

I enjoyed visiting today and love your craft and decoratig ideas. The Laundry sign is great. I thought you planned it that way. We visited Denver several years ago and loved it. What a beautiful place to live. Have a blessed week.

AngiDe said...

Found your blog through a friends, hope thats ok. I LOVE your French signs! I am completely obsessed with Paris! Which you can tell from my bathroom!!! Keep on!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Well I like a touch of French myself..so you are not alone. I recently bought some old french flashcards. Love them! Your blog is adorable! Love your laundry room sign. cherry

brent said...

I wondered why the "La Toilette" sign hadn't made an appearance in the new house - guess that explains it.

The blog looks great, I am so proud of you.

Kelsey said...

Those are beautiful!

Screaming Meme said...

I love them! Your blog is awesome! Screaming Meme