The Kitchen Update

Hi everyone!  I haven't been around much lately because I haven't had that much to show you.  It's been a big old waiting game around here.  As much as we love to DIY, there are just some things we didn't want to risk doing ourselves in our kitchen remodel.  Plumbing was the scariest one!

If you remember, this corner of our kitchen that had these lovely toilet pipes coming from our bathrooms upstairs.  The 1979 soffits hid them in the old configuration, but the soffits were the first things to get ripped out when we started this project.  So...pipes had to go somewhere else!  Luckily a very imaginative plumber came to my house last week and was able to reroute them into the walls.  So, we went from this...

...to this!  Same corner to the right of the window.  I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to hang some curtains around that window in a few weeks!  The soffits used to come down to within an inch of the window top, so a curtain rod was out of the question.  Now it feels SO much more open!

And in the celebration department, you can also see that we've moved on to the drywall phase!  Yippee!  My husband says we are now on the upswing of this project, where things will actually start to look better instead of looking progressively worse.  Music to my ears!  :)  So here's a refresher for where we started:

We've removed nearly all the cabinets, and we're just saving that sink area for last so we can still have running water for as long as possible.  The drywall is hung and we're in the mudding phase right now.  By next week I plan to be painting my little heart out, and the following week is slated for the hardwood floor repairs.  After that...it's New Cabinet Time (might rival Thanksgiving and Christmas in my holiday rankings this year)!

I know it still takes a lot of imagination to see the beauty in this, and mine's definitely working overtime.  As you can see, I'm (perhaps foolishly) still putting flowers in the center of our table and trying to make it as pretty as I can!  But hopefully...hopefully...the reality might soon catch up with the dream.  I'll keep you posted!  


Tricia said...

I love seeing your progress! I'm glad that you were able to find a solution for all of your pipes. Can't wait to see the finished product! : )

Jboo said...

I'm certain it will be beautiful when it's done -- look at how far you've come already! Way to go!

Kimberly said...

I always love seeing your projects. Wow! This is a biggie! I know it's going to be beautiful. Can wait to see the finished product :)

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