Responding to Comments and a (late) Valentine's Day Project

Friends, I have a small request for help.  I am rather rusty on the way that Blogger works, but when I get time to come here and read your sweet comments, I wish there were a way to reply directly to you on my blog.  (Kind of like Facebook, you know?  If someone comments on something I post, I can at least "Like" their comment or tag them in my comment so they will easily see that I have replied.)

The way I understand it now, I can comment on my own blog posts in response to you, but there's no way to make sure you know I've commented, unless you just happen to come back here and check (which I don't for one second expect to rank high on your priority list!).  

My point is, it feels wrong to let all your generous comments (or sometimes questions that you want answered) just sit here unacknowledged, when they all brighten my day so much!  Just wondering if I'm missing something and there's a way to reply to you on this blog.

And since I've asked for a favor, I will share a small project to make it up to you!  Just ignore the fact that this is over a month late!

Easy Valentine's Day Wreath
I'll be the first to admit I don't go all out for Valentine's Day.  My little boy Henry's birthday is January 23, and just on the heels of Christmas, it about wears me out every year!  By the time February hits, I'm pretty impressed with myself if I can muster some heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and get a few little goodies to let my family know they are my special valentines.

But things do get a little drab this time of year, so I did manage to pull together a small wreath to brighten up the place!  I took a wire hanger from my husband's dry cleaning stash, bent it into a rough heart shape, and then twisted some (formerly Christmas) berries around it.

Please note my 18 month old helper in the window.

It wasn't fancy and it took me all of 15 minutes but I love simple projects like that!  The wreath is only about 9 inches high and would have gotten lost by itself hanging on the door, but layering it on top of my larger winter wreath works perfectly!

And I love the striped ribbon too.  Now just go ahead and forget that today is St. Patrick's Day and not Valentine's.   :)


The Gathering Place said...

I'm not an expert by any means, but I did recently learn that if someone leaves a comment on your blog you can click on their name or blog name in the comment and go directly to their email (if they are not a no-reply blogger). It saves a lot of time not having to go to their blog. You probably already knew that.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Just tried your suggestion....thank you! I think it might have worked? :)

Kimberly said...

I'm seeing this a little late & I"m sorry but I believe I have my account set up to receive an e-mail that says there's been a response to my post. BTW, I love your blog & am always thrilled to see you've posted.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Thank you so much Kimberly! And hey, you're not late! I only post every month or two so in my book you're right on time! :)